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Same-Day/Next-Day Shipping

Shipping solutions tailored your business.

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Safe & Reliable Last Mile Delivery

Solutions tailored to your business operations
Live tracking with
notifications sent to customers  
Proof of Delivery (POD) -
pictures provided as POD

i-ShipS is on a mission to offer local businesses an affordable and reliable final mile solution so that you can grow your business locally.  By selecting i-ShipS as your final mile delivery partner, we will take care of your customers like they are our own.  

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Customer support: customer is able to modify their delivery easily 
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What we do

How I-ShipS Works

Connect your online store with our dashboard via API key easily

Order placed by customer

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Automatically goes into your i-ShipS dashboard

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Confirm, pack and print label by cut off time

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Package gets picked up and delivered same day

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